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Actress Rebeca Sala was born in Alicante, Spain. She moved to Madrid when she was eighteen, where she attended the R.E.S.A.D. University (The Royal College of Dramatic Art). She trained with Fernando Piernas, Tamzin Townsend and Natalia Menendez, among other recognized mentors. Rebeca Sala has developed her career by performing in the theatre, cinema and television.

Recently known for her character named Kris in the TV comedy series "Ciega a Citas" (Fox / Cuatro tv), nominated in the 2015 International Emmy Awards. Also she has performed in the TV series called "Apaches".

In 2013 the agent Elvira Sánchez Gallo discovered Rebeca Sala through her short film "Estocolmo", The film was shown in over eighty International Festivals, including San Sebastian, Clemont Ferrand and Los Angeles Latino. We have seen her in some other movies such as "Todas las canciones hablan de mí"  by Jonás Trueba.  She recently took part in  "249.La noche en que una becaria encontró a Emiliano Revilla", directed by Luis María Ferrández and about to get released in 2016.

Her last theater productions include "El Burlador de Sevilla" directed by Darío Facal at Teatro Español, "Futuro 10.0" performing the main character, and "Quevedo" released at the official selection for the International Festival of Classic Theatre of Almagro.



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